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My name is Ben. I am the helicopter pilot who invented the sHeli-Port™ after witnessing firsthand many unfortunate and expensive incidents regarding helicopter storage and ground handling. I knew there had to be a better way than leaving your helicopter exposed to the elements, tampering or even costly hangar rash. 

I drew up some ideas, talked to a lot of helicopter owners and users, interviewed airport operators, and even solicited feedback from pilots who said they would consider becoming a helicopter owner if they knew they had a safe, affordable storage solution on their own site.

Here are a few incidents I saw and some concerns that people shared with me as I researched the ideal helicopter storage solution:

  • Helicopters expensively and dangerously damaged while in hangars (by other aircraft and even non-aviation items like boats and motorcycles)

  • Total strangers standing on skids of my helicopter while it was parked on an airport ramp

  • People sitting in total strangers’ helicopters while stored in shared hangars

  • Kids trying to move rotor blades with sticks while a helicopter was parked on private property

  • Hangar neighbors upset about rotor wash from helicopters

  • Airport owners reluctant to accommodate helicopters because of complaints from fixed wing customers

  • Tow vehicle challenges: lawn tractors with dead batteries, golf cart issues, dolly issues, expensive and unnecessary tugs

  • Hostile environmental conditions such as salt air near the ocean or on a boat, or vacation home, storm brewing while parked away from the airport and no protection for the aircraft in sight, sudden hail storms, etc.

  • Long wait list for hangar space


I considered these issues and many more as I went to work with my team designing the sHeli-Port.  My background as a manufacturer of diagnostic medical devices, which required exceptional attention to quality and detail, prevailed as we created the world’s first fully-contained, hydraulically-powered, portable helicopter storage solution.

sHeli-Port is the perfect solution wherever you may store your helicopter -- the airport, your property, your yacht, or away from home -- because you don’t have to worry about hangar rash, trespassing, tampering, weather damage, or tow vehicle failures.

Thank you for your interest and please don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail at if you have any questions.  Feel free to visit our sHeli-Port Insights blog for further observations regarding helicopter storage and the sHeli-Port. Please consider sharing your ground hazard experiences with us on our website by clicking here.

Ben Hanafin

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