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Hover here to see the sHeli-Port in action

Your helicopter is a valuable tool for business and pleasure that you want to protect. While you may have a storage solution for your investment, is it really the ideal situation?


A crowded hangar can lead to expensive hangar rash. An unsecured outdoor site is exposed to weather, tampering, or potential harm by passing aircraft or vehicles. Now there is a better way to store your helicopter safely and securely. The sHeli-Port is your solution!


With the sHeli-Port, you eliminate costly hangar fees and provide perfect protection for your investment. The sHeli-Port closes securely around your helicopter. When safely inside, it is protected against tampering, damage from passing aircraft, and even harmful effects of salt air, sun, rain, snow, hail, frost and wind.

In fact, the sHeli-Port is designed and tested to withstand winds exceeding 100 miles per hour!

The sHeli-Port is safe and easy to use. Make a normal approach to the casted landing pad situated a safe distance from the clam shell. Set the helicopter down on the center of the pad, shut down and secure the aircraft. The center of the landing pad is mounted on a set of rails that allows you to easily tow the aircraft directly into the sHeli-Port. Once the helicopter is in position, and rotors are in line with the tailbone, close the sHeli-Port.

Have limited space? Not a problem!

The sHeli-Port can be ordered with a raised landing platform that lowers into the clam shells as the sHeli-Port closes.


The sHeli-Port is self-contained and portable. Solar batteries operate the fully hydraulic clam shell, eliminating any need for power cords or electrical outlets.


And you can take the sHeli-Port wherever you need to store your helicopter-your backyard, on the dock, next to the barn, at the airport, even on the back of a yacht! It is completely portable and easy to relocate.

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sheliport, sheli-port, helicopter, helicopter storage

Safe, secure, easy to use and remarkably affordable!

The Sheli-Port is your helicopter storage solution anywhere you may need it.

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