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Once you discover the ideal solution for your helicopter's storage and security, you can focus on what's important -- flying and enjoying your helicopter.

A self-contained and portable helicopter storage solution means:

You have complete control over who has access to your helicopter because it's stored in a fully enclosed "clam shell," out of the way of other people and environmental risks.

• Your investment is protected in the location of your choice and you saved the time and expense of constructing a shed or barn.

• You don't have to worry about exposure to adverse external influences, such as passersby and environmental conditions.

• You no longer have the expense and inconvenience of renting public hangar space.

Once you own a sHeli-Port™, have fun with it. You can paint the exterior shell to match your home or the surrounding environment. You can have it vinyl wrapped, like a bus, with graphics of your choice. The area around the sHeli-Port can be landscaped to create a unique setting.

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